Now Accepting Intern Applications

notepadpenWe are excited to announce that the Klein Frank Foundation is looking for a Fall 2014 Intern to help with communications, content production, event planning, and fundraising. We are specifically   interested in candidates who are current students at the University of Colorado – Boulder and are living in the Boulder area. The internship will be unpaid, and we will only consider applicants who are   eligible to receive academic credit for their work. The internship will be about 10 hours per week, and will last 3 months from the intern’s start date. While we will need to meet with the intern in person on a regular basis, we expect the majority of the intern’s work will be completed remotely.

Competitive candidates should have excellent writing and interpersonal skills, and have an interest in learning about social development issues such as human trafficking and poverty. A working knowledge of WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, and other platforms will be useful, but is not required. Because the Klein Frank Foundation’s Board and officers are part of the Law Office of Klein & Frank, the intern will also be exposed to the legal profession and will have the opportunity to interact with some of Colorado’s most successful attorneys.

We are accepting applications for this position on a rolling basis. Interested candidates should send an email to with a resume and a brief statement of interest.


Beth Klein’s Speech to the Leadership of the Town of Erie

My name is Beth Klein.  I am a human rights attorney.  I was appointed by the Governor as a member of the Board of the Colorado Children’s Trust Fund – which was established to prevent the abuse and neglect of Colorado children before it occurs, and a former Trustee of Erie.  I have advised over 30 states and multiple nations on effective human trafficking law.  Today, I come before the Board in my individual capacity as a Mom, a resident of this Town and a co-founder of the Klein Frank Foundation.
We are here today because we want to end human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children known as C-SEC.
I became aware of serious child abuse cases in Erie that had the markers of CSEC.  I have brought with me, Amber McDonald.  Ms. McDonald is a director at Blue Sky Bridge, a facility which cares for children who have been victims.  She is a forensic interviewer who has in depth knowledge of the cases and the issue.  I have asked her to come and further inform you.  When I called the members of the Board upon learning of this issue from Ms. McDonald, I was very pleased at the swiftness of your response.
Human trafficking takes many forms.  One - is the prostitution of children by parents and care givers on line.  Ms. McDonald can provide detail on the population of Erie’s children and risk for this exploitation.  
I can advise you that as of 2011, the rate of substantiated child abuse and neglect in Colorado is 8.6 kids per 1000.  This ranks Colorado 25 of 50 states.  In Colorado rural counties have had sustained high levels child abuse and neglect.  Five counties in the northeastern quadrant of the state, have had average rates of child abuse that are 2.5 to 3 times the state average since 2002.
We cannot continue business as usual.
If we are successful working together, we will not be able to see one child advertised on line, walking the street or waiting for a client in a hotel.   We will be able to keep our kids safe and out of the life .
We must collaborate more, communicate better, and use our resources wisely and effectively throughout this state – leaving no community out. We must connect Erie law enforcement to the Innocence Lost Task Force, a joint effort between the DPD and the FBI.  We need to ensure that all employees of this Town and school officials and teachers in this community are trained to recognize the signs and have the systems and the support to help these kids.
My Foundation is prepared to provide grants so that the trainings and the communication can begin.  We want Erie to succeed and be an example to other towns and cities.
But, we need the support of this leadership to get this done.  
I request that the Board consider a resolution that will set a goal of training all of Erie’s employees by a date certain.  If the Town accomplishes this, it will be the first community in Colorado mobilize this way.
It’s no secret that we can’t continue business as usual.  Every day, we lose a child.  Every day more money fuels this crime.  We have to act, we have to act now, and we have to come together as the Colorado team.
And today, I hope that we will be able to come together to do exactly that.  I’d like to start right here and right now.
Thank you and – proceed with questions or hear from Ms. McDonald.




Legal Representation

Typically legal representation of human trafficking victims has been handled through pro-bono victim’s organizations or centers that are dangerously underfunded, understaffed, and lacking understanding of civil damages laws and available remedies.   Many organizations who offer legal representation are limited to narrow definitions and limited populations; they attempt representation in court without adequate training, staffing or resources.  At times police and prosecutors attempt to represent victims, without regard to the real ethical and political conflicts.

Recognizing a void of an ethical and effective network of legal representation for compensation for human trafficking victims, we created a network of skilled, well-funded lawyers and activists effectively working toward an end to human trafficking through work with governments  and personal representation.

We believe that every day is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired to end this crime.  We seek to transform the lives of those who were harmed and those who work in the justice system.  We use civil law to compensate victims for their harms and losses caused by traffickers.

We connect talented and solution-minded lawyers and activists who want to see human trafficking end.  We partner with people who are  committed to a fair legal and governmental response to the crime.

We offer cutting edge legal resources, highly skilled trial lawyers and technology to enable immediate and seamless identification of victims, to effectively requests for legal representation, and to execute legal outcomes for victims including significant civil compensation, internet privacy, and injunction.