The Klein Frank Foundation, is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. Our Mission is to stop human trafficking whether it be in the sex trade or indentured labor. We are here to inspire, support, grow, and succeed together through the strengthening of the rule of law and justice systems. We work to support the world-wide Justice System as an integrated whole to end the crime of human trafficking and commercial exploitation of children.

We train policy makers, judges, lawyers, and advocates to harness the power of the law and to bring justice to our communities.  We work to enhance the advocacy skills of all who appear before the Court in matters of human trafficking and child protection.  We work to decrease both demand and supply.  We work to support victims so that they can live productive and happy lives – as powerful survivors.

Message from the Founders and the Board:

We are today because we want to end human trafficking.


If we are successful working together, we will not be able to see one child advertised on-line, walking the street or waiting for a client in a hotel.   We will be able to keep our kids safe and create productive futures.


To do this, we are going to have to break down functional boundaries so that we can collaborate more, communicate better, and use our resources wisely and effectively throughout this state – leaving no community out.


We may find ourselves working with people from different communities, of different faiths or political backgrounds, but we need join together and build  community to succeed in ending this crime.


We will be combining all of our skills, resources and people power and getting things done.  Meet new people; find new alliances; strengthen your vision.


It’s no secret that we can’t continue business as usual.  Every day, we lose a child.  Every day more money fuels this crime.  We have to act, we have to act now, and we have to come together.


Imagine if we could generate the unprecedented result of eradicating HT here.  Imagine, everyone – every single one of us  - responsible and recognized for making a real difference.  Imagine how your life would be if you were a part of something historic that made a lasting difference for all of our children.


We all have constraints – money & time – but we truly believe that we have some of the most talented and dedicated people who have exactly what it will take to end human trafficking.


And today, we hope that we will be able to come together to do exactly that.